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Test Prep

AP® Art History

Do we need to paint a picture for you?


If you're hankering to learn the difference between Rococo and Baroque-coco, yearning to know if Renaissance babies really did have weirdly muscular arms, or trying to figure out how many arches is too many arches, look no further than Shmoop's revised AP® Art History Guide.

We're up to date with the redesigned exam (effective Fall 2015), which includes a few key changes that mainly just make sure you're using your noggin as much as possible.

In this guide, you'll find

  • a crazy amount of practice drills…like cut your ear off crazy.
  • full-length practice exams so you'll know how to complete your masterpiece within a strict time frame.
  • test-taking tips that go over areas such as how to scan dactylic hexameter, how to define pietas, and even how to recognize the dreaded tmesis (we're coming for you, tmesis).

So set up that easel and let us paint you a picture of what you can expect on the AP Art History exam.

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