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Photosynthesize this!

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Can't tell mitosis from meiosis? A chromosome from a chromatid? A gamete from gametophyte? Shmoop's guide to AP Biology has all of the answers you need in one convenient package...just like bacteriophage DNA.

Learn why multi-part free response questions are easier than they sound, why reading Punnett squares isn't so different from playing four square, and what exactly it is about photosynthesis that turns plants into lovesick sun groupies.

This isn't your grandfather's Darwin.

What's Inside Shmoop's Guide to the AP Biology Exam

Shmoop is a labor of love from folks who are really, really into learning. Our test prep resources will help you prepare for exams with comprehensive, engaging, and frankly hilarious materials that bring the test to life. No, not like that. Put down those torches.

Here, you'll find…

  • a comprehensive diagnostic exam
  • five (5!) full-length exams
  • fun and engaging review of the four Big Ideas
  • tons of practice questions
  • test-specific strategies

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