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Supply and demand dragging you down? Weird. Usually, only the demand curve has a negative slope. (Thank you, thank you, we'll be here until the AP test.) For other amazing micro jokes and more, check out Shmoop's guide to the AP Microeconomics exam.

  • Learn why you should focus your studying on the mechanics of supply and demand.
  • Find out what puts the "micro" in microeconomics.
  • Figure out how to put sentences together in an essay about econ.

So get ready to get your money management on and to take on the AP Microeconomics exam.

What's Inside Shmoop's Online AP Microeconomics Test Prep

Shmoop is a labor of love from folks who love to teach. Our Test Prep resources will help you prepare for exams with fun, engaging, and relatable materials that bring the test to life.

Inside the AP Microeconomics, you'll find

  • a diagnostic exam to figure out where you're struggling before you even begin.
  • a full-length practice exam that mimics the look and feel of the exam.
  • answer explanations to help figure out where you went wrong…or right.
  • test-taking tips to help you break down a lengthy exam.
  • loads of practice drills.
  • review of supply and demand, elasticity, economics systems, and more.

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