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We'll spare you the confidence interval jokes for now, but Shmoop's guide to the AP Statistics exam gives you everything you need to tackle subjects from sample size to standard deviation with supreme, uh, self-assurance. So to speak.

Test-Taking Tips

Specifically designed for mastering the AP Statistics exam. Learn why your parents don't think polling your friends is statistically valid, why tables (not the kind with legs) should be your new best friends, and how you can use statistics to bend reality to your whims.

Four Full-Length Practice Exams

Curious about what it is really like to answer 40 multiple-choice questions in 90 minutes and answer 6 free response problems in another 90? Take a full-length practice exam with Shmoop... and then take another one, and another, and another. Because we have four.

Practice Drills

If you forget everything you read approximately three seconds after you read it, never fear: refine your mad statistics skills with drills, more drills, and - you guessed it - even more drills.

Extreme Topic Review

Check out our in-depth study guide and practice problems galore on each of the topics.

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Prepping for your AP exam and not sure where to start? Take a diagnostic exam to figure out what works, what doesn't, and what you need to do to get the scores of your dreams.

  • Exploring Data

  • Sampling and Experimentation

  • Anticipating Patterns

  • Interpreting Probability and Law of Large Numbers

  • Random Variables and Probability Distributions

  • Statistical Inference

  • Variability

  • Test Breakdown

  • Test Strategies

  • Key Mistakes

  • Key Terms

  • And a lot more!

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