AP® World History: Modern (2019 - 2023)

What in the world?

  • Practice questions: 51
  • Practice exams: 3
  • Pages of review: 81
  • Videos: 24

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Nothing good on TV? Welcome to the wonderful world of, um, World History.

Shmoop's AP World History guide shows you why "revolution" is a dirty word, what exactly was happening behind closed portholes on the HMS Beagle, and—of course—how to kick butt on the AP exam.

In this guide, you'll learn

  • how to "craft a historical argument" without getting belligerent.
  • that notable world events happened outside of Europe, and we lead by people who weren't European.
  • why you should save U.S. history for that other AP test.

The Beatles weren't the only ones talking about a revolution.

What's Inside Shmoop's Online AP World History: Modern Test Prep

Shmoop is a labor of love from folks who love to teach. Our Test Prep resources will help you prepare for exams with fun, engaging, and relatable materials that bring the test to life.

In Shmoop's AP World History: Modern guide, you'll find

  • a diagnostic exam to figure out where you're struggling before you even begin.
  • a full-length practice exam that mimics the look and feel of the real thing.
  • answer explanations to figure out where you went wrong…or right.
  • loads of practice drills.
  • review of a millennium's worth of economic systems, state-building, social structures, and more.
  • test-taking tips and strategies.

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