CAHSEE Teacher Guide

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Greetings, California teachers! You may think that Shmoop lives on the Internet, but that's only partly true; we also live in California, just like you do. We appreciate your dedication to helping students pass the California High School Exit Exam, even though we don't want to get in the middle of yet another heated debate about whether it's pronounced "CAY-see" or "CAH-see." Whether you're teaching the ELA section, the Math section, or the whole shebang, Shmoop's CAHSEE Teacher Guide will help you prepare students to pass the test and earn their diplomas.

What's Inside Shmoop's Online CAHSEE Teacher Guide

  • Scripted CAHSEE lessons that won't make you or your students snooze
  • A course planner that organizes the lessons into a 4-, 10-, or 18-week course that covers all of CAHSEE, as well as 4-week courses that focus on ELA or Math 
  • Explanations that cover every topic on the CAHSEE
  • Ready-to-print student handouts keyed to the material you cover in each lesson, which include sample problems, classroom activities, and more
  • Scaffolding, standards, and activities to help you use the Teacher Guide in combination with the student guide
  • A chance to pit your students against each other in an epic Shmoints showdown