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Shmoop offers over 40 online ACE Credit® Recommended Courses

Not only that, but we offer them at half (or less) the cost of a normal college credit-eligible online course. That's right, we're engaging AND will save you money. Cha-ching.

How it works!

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The online courses are self-paced and remote. Whether you're looking to dedicate all hours to completing the course, or simply looking to take your time over the next few months...

Take unit test + final exam

Earn a 70% or higher grade in the course by taking a series of unit tests and a final examd. Optional proctoring is available. Learn more about the proctoring requirements and scheduling exams.

Transfer your college credits!

Now it's time to turn it into college credit! See the full list of colleges and universities where you can transfer your Shmoop credit. We have over 400 college and university partnerships!

Over 400 Colleges and Universities you can transfer credits to!

40 online ACE Credit® Recommended Courses

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Frequently asked questions!

Yeppers. Our ACE CREDIT® recommended courses are considered for college credit at over 400 colleges and universities. This isn't just a print-it-for-your-fridge kind of certificate. It's the real deal.

Depends. You'll work at your own pace, so if you decide to pull a few all-nighters, you can finish a course in a week or two. (College courses meet for 2-4 hours/week for 12 weeks, and our courses take about the same amount of time to complete.)

Read as much of the material as necessary, take every unit exam and the final exam, and earn a 70% or higher overall grade. Yep, that's that.

Yes. But just once. This may be the land of the free, but we're not handing out college credit to anyone with a computer. You'll get one chance to retake each unit test and final exam, and then...that's it.

Compared to our competitors, basically nothing. You're looking at $87.68/month (plus a proctoring fee of $23 for each final exam you decide to take with proctoring). So even if you used Shmoop's courses for an entire year, it would cost you just over a thousand bucks. We're not even gonna do the math to compare that to what it would cost for a year of college.

*The subscription is not required to be active at the time of the verification request, but a minimum of one month's subscription service must be paid for in order to receive course verification for an ACE transcript.