Ready. Set. Go!

College prep checklists

Hey, what are you doing next summer? What about after you graduate? Do you feel like you’re forgetting something important? We hate that! Fear not, these checklists will tell you everything you need to know about planning for college, whether you’re an overachieving middle schooler or a nearly graduated senior!

One foot in, one foot out


You’re in the final stretch of childhood… about to set off into the wilds of college life. Do you have everything you’ll need? Nunchucks? Existential dread? A rolling backpack that goes bdnkbdnkbdnk everywhere? Now’s the time to check!

It’s the beginning of the end...


Junior year is when the important *future* things begin to happen, like college entrance exams, and application planning. Be calm and collected; not everyone gets to be a DJ at a swim-up bar in the Carribean.

Almost halfway there!


Maybe you just made it over the freshman hump, but it’s never too soon to start planning! Are you reading this at your sophomore Homecoming dance? … uh, maybe that is too soon. Get a head start on college prep with a checklist specially designed for you!

So frosh…


You’re in. Four years to get through “The Talk”, driver’s ed, and study sessions fueled by Mountain Dew, all while making sure you do well enough to impress those college gatekeepers. Start here!

How precocious!

Middle School

You’re still a ways off. Space Force hasn’t been *officially* formed, and they’ll probably need parental consent… But, today, you’re straddling the boundary between tween and teen, tomorrow you’re the youngest space shuttle mechanic on the surface of U.S.M. (United States of Mars, duh). Better get shmooping!


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