Welcome to Shmooprassic Park.

Dinosaurs ruled the world for millions and millions of years.

This course neatly explains them in fifteen lessons.

In our project-based course, with activities for all learning types ranging from diorama-building to skit-performing to analytical pop culture essay-writing, we'll ask the big questions about the biggest chickenlizards ever. Questions like…

  • What makes a dinosaur a dinosaur, and separate from other breeds and creatures? 
  • Are paleontologists real, or what?
  • How did dinosaurs interact with each other? Were they…nice?
  • Did the dinosaurs become extinct with a whimper, or with a bang?
  • But seriously…why can't we get the Jurassic Park theme song out of our head?

Dinosaurs left the Earth with a huge reputation and many unsolved mysteries. Join us in this middle school course, and we'll find the answers.

Unit Breakdown

  1. Dinosaurs - Dinosaurs

    In this middle school Dinosaur course, students will use hands-on projects to uncover the life, times, and extinction of the dinosaurs. And unlike paleontologists, they won't even have to get sand on their hands.

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