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  • Practice questions: 108
  • Practice exams: 3
  • Pages of review: 27
  • Videos: 320

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As the baby of the ACT® family, the EXPLORE exam is short and often overlooked. It's just like the time your older sister took you to the movie theater for a back-to-back-to-back viewing of the Lord of the Rings trilogy…and forgot to take you home. (What, that's never happened to you?) 

Make like Lewis and Clark and EXPLORE new territories* with our comprehensive review and specifically designed strategies for the English, Math, Reading, and Science Tests. Learn the difference between Reading and English, why EXPLORE exam scoring is like Yoda, and whether need to prove the theory of cold fusion to beat the Science Test. (Spoiler alert: you don't.) 

*This is a metaphor. We mean "get the score of your dreams on the EXPLORE exam," but it didn't have the same ring.

What's Inside Shmoop's Online ACT EXPLORE Test Prep

Shmoop is a labor of love from folks who are really, really into learning. Our test prep resources will help you prepare for exams with comprehensive, engaging, and frankly hilarious materials that bring the test to life. No, not like that. Put down those torches.

Here, you'll find...

  • a diagnostic assessment to help identify pain points
  • two full-length practice exams
  • answer explanations to help figure out where you went wrong…or right
  • test-taking tips for breaking down a lengthy exam
  • loads of practice drills

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