Concrete Nouns

Concrete nouns name tangible things: things you can see, taste, touch, smell, or hear. (Yeah, we passed kindergarten and can name the five senses. NBD.)

To be clear, we're not just referring to nouns made of actual concrete, like sidewalk, breakwater, skate park, and bunker. But those count, too.



" My American history textbook smells like barbecue sauce."

Textbook and sauce are both things to which you can apply the five senses, although it's probably best not to eat your textbooks.

" The post-game fireworks were amazing."

Fireworks is a concrete noun because it names something you can see and hear.

" Jeff hid his obnoxious little sister's iPad in the freezer."

iPad and freezer are both concrete nouns because they're both tangible… even though that iPad probably doesn't work right about now.


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