Reciprocal Pronouns

A reciprocal pronoun indicates a mutual action or relationship.

Sharing is caring, and, fortunately, we have just the type of pronoun for that.

Examples of reciprocal pronouns include:
- Each other
- One another

Some folks say you use each other when talking about two things and one another when talking about three or more things. But we dare you to find any person or publication who actually follows that rule to the T.



"My girlfriend I couldn't see each other through all the fog in the haunted swamp."

Here, the reciprocal pronoun is used because neither the speaker nor his girlfriend can see the other person. They can't see the ravenous werewolves that are slowly approaching either…

"Tiffany and Henrietta complimented each other on their prom dresses."

In this example, the reciprocal pronoun is used because both girls are giving compliments to their BFF.

"At high noon, the cowboys stood in the street and stared one another down."

In this case, the reciprocal pronoun is used because the cowboys are engaged in the mutually macho act of staring.


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