Agreement With Here and There

No matter what anybody tells you, here and there cannot be subjects.


Remember, if a sentence begins with here or there, look for the subject to figure out the correct form of the verb.



"Here is my wallet."

Let's make sure we're clear on why is is the right verb here. It's because the subject of the sentence is wallet. Got it? Great. Now, to the mall.

"There are my parents."

Hopefully, the speaker is saying this with joy because she's spotted Mom and Dad, and not embarrassment because her parents are waving around the retainer that she forgot. Either way, since the subject of this sentence is parents, the correct verb is are.

"Here are the blueprints you requested, Mr. Frappington."

Now that you know that here and there are never the subject of the sentence, one way that you can check your subject-verb agreement is to flip the sentence around, like this: Mr. Frappington, the blueprints you requested are here. That makes it super-easy to discern that the subject is blueprints, so are is the right verb for the job.


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