Advice vs. Advise

Advice vs. Advise

Advice is a noun that refers to guidance or a recommendation.

Advise is a verb that means to give guidance or a recommendation.

Did you see that? By changing a single letter, we've sprung into action. It's okay to be amazed—grammar is gobsmacking.


You can trust your career counselor to advise you about jobs, but you probably shouldn't ask him for medical advice.

Wise words indeed. In this case, the verb advise is correct because it refers to your counselor making suggestions, and the noun advice is correct because it refers to a recommendation.

"Uncle Mort gave me great advice at the dog track. I won fifty bucks!"

Can we borrow Uncle Mort come Super Bowl time? In this sentence, advice is the right word for the job because it refers to guidance.

"I need some advice about where to bury a treasure chest full of gold and precious jewels. Is there anyone here who could advise me?"

We'll do it. You can absolutely trust us with your loot. Here, the speaker is looking for a recommendation. That's a thing, so the noun advice is the correct word. Then they're looking for a person who can satisfactorily complete the action of giving a recommendation, so the verb advise is the way to go. Now back to that treasure chest…


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