Imperative Verbs

Use the imperative mood for commands, directions, or suggestions. Seriously… do it



" Stop hitting yourself, Tommy! Stop hitting yourself! "

If you have an older brother, odds are you've heard this obnoxious command many times, and because it's a command, the verb stop is in the imperative mood.

" Take me to the river. Drop me in the water."

In these classic song lyrics, both take and drop are directions, so they're in the imperative mood. While "Take Me to the River" is most commonly associated with Talking Heads (and one seriously large gray suit), the original was penned in 1974 by Al Green.

" Prepare to be amazed by my awesome juggling skills."

Here, the verb prepare is in the imperative mood because it's a suggestion. The speaker thinks your jaw is going to hit the floor when he starts flinging bowling pins all over the place, and he wants you to gird your loins.


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