Intransitive Verbs

Intransitive verbs don't take any objects

An intransitive verb walks into a 7-11 with its friends, transitive verb and ditransitive verb. When the clerk isn't looking, the transitive verb takes a Bic lighter and the ditransitive verb takes a Bic lighter and some sunglasses.

What does the intransitive verb take?

Nothing. Because intransitive verbs don't take any objects. Ba-dum-tsh.



" Donald Trump sneezed like a gorilla."

You can't sneeze something. The act of sneezing can't really be transferred to anyone or anything. That's what makes "sneeze" an intransitive verb. No objects here.

" Casper evaporated into thin air."

You can't really evaporate someone or something; evaporation is something that happens on its own without anyone doing it. That's what makes evaporate an intransitive verb.

" Forrest Gump ran all over the country."

Forrest just...ran. Like, you heard him: he just felt like running. Forrest's act of running isn't transferred to something or someone else, so run here is intransitive.

Note: The type of "run" in this example is different from the "run" in a sentence like "She ran the entire office." In that context, "run" is transitive.


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