Transitive Verbs

Transitive verbs are the ones with one or more objects. Sometimes, there's a distinction between having just a direct object (monotransitive) and having both a direct object and an indirect object (di- or bi-transitive).

We go over that second one here.

In the meantime, enjoy the following transitive (monotransitive?) verb examples.



" Reid schooled everyone in the office."

Nice, Reid. In this sentence, the verb school selects for one object: they which were schooled, or everyone in the office. Since the action is happening directly to the object, it's a direct object.

" Jonathan slammed the birthday cake on the ground."

In this very unfortunate sentence, the verb slammed selects for a direct object, which is the birthday cake. The verb "slam" is a bonafide transitive verb. The act of slamming here needs something to receive that action; otherwise, it's totally weird. "Jonathan slammed"? Sounds like a cheap knock-off of "Hulk smash."

We don't think so, Jonathan.

" Kenny roundhouse-kicked the door."

Looks like Kenny the karate kid has some anger issues. In this sentence, the verb roundhouse-kicked selects for the direct object, the door.


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