Let's Conquer Math (RTI)

Math? Easier than a piece of π.

  • Practice questions: 185
  • Practice exams: 18
  • Pages of review: 161

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For too many students, mathematics is an impenetrable fortress that they just can't enter. The walls are high, the moat is deep, and the alligators look hungry. Let's Conquer Math (RTI) is the battering ram you need to start busting open the gates and get their foot in the door.

It's an all-purpose Mathematics Response to Intervention product that allows teachers to assess students' mastery of third- through eighth-grade math concepts, find their strengths and weaknesses, and provide direct (and fun!) intervention to support growth and mastery. Sorry, but the alligator-proof underpants are sold separately.

Individualized Learning for Superior Results

  • Quickly and easily assess students' skills and competencies through an adaptive benchmark diagnostic that adjusts to their level as they progress through questions.
  • Provide targeted, standards-aligned practice to help students improve in the areas they struggle most. Or in the areas they rock at. Whatever floats your boat.

Detailed Reporting for Teachers and Administrators

  • Easily keep track of students' growth by assigning the adaptive benchmark assessment multiple times throughout the year. It enables you to clearly see how your students have improved with every passing month. Or the second, if you're an obsessive progress refresher.
  • View individual progress reports on students' mastery levels in each standard as well as their estimated grade levels.
  • Receive classroom reports on the mastery levels of all your students in one quick, easy-to-scan view. We'd have gone for an easy-to-scat view, but apparently that wasn't as useful.
  • Administrators get a bird's-eye view of school and district performance, as well as classroom growth over time.

Unlimited Learning

  • Shmoop's Let’s Conquer Math (RTI) allows students to practice forever—literally forever— with infinite standards-aligned practice problems. Try and solve 'em all, we dare you.
  • Problem sets may be taken over and over, and provide detailed, engaging answer explanations that get to the heart of each question.