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Shmoop's take on Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) and Social-Emotional Learning teaches kids how to act as considerate, ethical, empathetic human beings, instead they usually act.

It’s a Social-Emotional Thing

About Shmoop’s program

  • What is PBIS?
    Here's a quick run-down: it's a school-wide system that gets teachers and staff involved in teaching students what good behavior looks like, and then focusing on and rewarding good behavior. Say goodbye to all those office referrals and phone calls home. (Need a minute for your goodbyes? Yeah...we didn't think so.)
  • Why Shmoop's PBIS?
    Our PBIS framework is comprehensive, easy to use, and it helps teachers tackle those tricky conversations without having to sit backwards in chairs and rap about keepin' it real.
  • Does PBIS really work?
    Decades of peer-reviewed research confirms the common-sense notion that rewarding positive behavior makes people want to continue behaving positively. Cause and effect is wild.
Covering every subject

18 courses and teaching guides

Achievement and excellence

Integrity and honesty



Tolerance and Acceptance

And so much more!

Let’s get visual

Video-centric courses

Don't waste your prep period playing tech support at the copier. Shmoop’s video-centric courses save paper and attention spans, while creating a connection point for amazing class-wide conversations.

Comfort chinchilla not included

Scripted lesson plans

Developing soft skills sometimes requires difficult conversations. Leave the awkward silence at the classroom door with our fully scripted lesson plans. Don’t worry, you can still customize our content to fit your specific needs (or sense of humor).

We’re different too

Support for differentiation

Forget the square peg-round hole analogy. Emotional intelligence has many more shapes. That's why our teaching  guides include additional discussion ideas, links, and resources for further teaching—and differentiation for ELL and SPED students, too.

No eye-rolling or yelling required 

 Helping students, teachers, schools, and districts

  • A framework for respect
    Teachers want students to treat them with respect, and students want teachers who...also treat them with respect. Shmoop’s PBIS program creates a framework for that mutual respect.
  • Track progress
    With a suite of tools for teachers to track student progress, and the humorous, relatable content designed to keep students engaged, everyone can keep their eyes on the solutions-based prize.
  • Outcomes-focused
    Shmoop’s customizable course structure and curriculum will address your specific needs, making it easy to create a community of empathetic students with the means to actually work together to solve problems. What a novel concept—and you can take all the credit!

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