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Pretty skilled at test-taking, we'd say.

  • Practice questions: 258
  • Practice exams: 5
  • Pages of review: 21
  • Videos: 435

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Take charge and show the PSAT/NMSQT® who's boss.

Shmoop's PSAT prep has been lovingly crafted by nerds who love to crack jokes. In this Test Prep, you'll learn all about how to outwit the PSAT with our strategies and tips for game day. We've got an all-inclusive review of all the topics you'll see on the exam, including drills to reinforce your learning. We also have plenty of practice exams to help you put everything together into one leg-breaking performance on test day. Oh, and we can help you with that little stage fright problem you've got when it comes to exams.

As your date to the PSAT ball, we'll be sporting a new, stylish look in our V3.0 Test Prep interface. We've got more bells and whistles in our new interface, including individualized reports on your strengths and weaknesses and motivational graphs showing your progress against your personalized goals. 

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What's inside Shmoop's PSAT/NMSQT Test Prep?

We've pulled out all the stops in our guide to the PSAT, with plenty of entertaining and funny examples of test concepts along the way. Our resources will help you walk into exam day with confidence and that know-it-all swagger. 

In our PSAT prep, you'll find

  • in-depth review for question and passage types for all sections of the new PSAT
  • oodles of drills and practice questionsvideos that bring the test to life
  • four full-length practice exams
  • the latest word on scoring
  • test-taking strategies to optimize your score
  • tips to help get you guess when you're stumped
  • the low-down on the National Merit Scholarship 

And, as always, much more. Study from the comfort of your own home with Shmoop—no pants required. 

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