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Eureka! You've stumbled upon Test Prep Gold—a.k.a. Shmoop's newly redesigned SAT Test Prep. We've got all the strategies, tips, reviews, and practice questions that you'll need to ace the latest version of the test. Plus, we've cranked up the swank with the new look of our V3.0 Test Prep interface. 

What's Inside Shmoop's SAT® Test Prep

Shmoop's Test Prep is a labor of love by those who love to teach and crack jokes. Our resources light dry test prep material right up, so you can have a ball while you're studying and hit it out of the park on test day. Ready to step up your SAT game?

Take a gander at some of Shmoop's SAT Test Prep features: 

Diagnostic exam
Fun and engaging reviews for each exam section (Reading, Writing, Math, and Essay)
Five fabulous full-length practice tests
Goal and progress tracking
Individualized reports on your progress
1,000+ SAT practice problems
In-depth answer explanations
Test-specific strategies
Math Shack

You'll be taking the SAT in English, but there are ways to lighten the language barrier load if English isn't your first language. We've got the SAT Test Prep in Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. 

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All your burning questions about the SAT exam asked and answered… 

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We'll help you hit a home run… on the SAT, that is. Check out what all the fuss is about.

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