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Book of Ezekiel Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • The chariot with the four-faced cherubim is still parked in the vicinity. God tells writing-case guy to go and take the burning coals from the center of the cherubim near the wheels, and dump them on the city. 
  • God's glory appears in the Temple in the form of a cloud, while the sound of the wings of the cherubim grows as loud as the voice of God. 
  • God tells the writing-case dude to take fire from the center of the four-faced cherubim. The cherubim appear to have human hands coming out from under their wings. That's just weird.
  • Meanwhile, Ezekiel sees how strange the wheels under the cherubim really are. Every part of the wheels is filled with eyes and they're able to roll not just forwards and backwards but side-to-side, since they're really "wheels within wheels."

Synchronized Flying

  • Ezekiel explains that the cherubim's four-faces were those of a human, a lion, an eagle, and that of the cherub itself.
  • As the wheels under the cherubim move the cherubim move too in some kind of perfect synchronization.
  • The glory of God leaves the Temple and takes its place on top of the throne above the cherubim. 
  • Ezekiel watches as the throne-chariot takes off, stopping above the east gate of the Temple.
  • God's saying b'bye to the Temple and heading east.

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