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Book of Ezekiel Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  • God changes the subject to another favorite target: false prophets.
  • He tells Ezekiel to prophesy against them, saying that they're like jackals wandering in ruins, and haven't done anything to protect their city. They've only given Jerusalem a false sense of security.
  • They've lied and pretended to speak God's words when they were really only speaking out of their own imaginations.
  • God says he's going to punish these false prophets.
  • They won't be permitted in Israel's councils or register or even in the land itself.
  • The prophets are like people trying to smear whitewash on a wall that's weak and doomed to be destroyed by a storm.
  • God says that he himself will send the storm that will destroy the white-washed wall and destroy the prophets who falsely predicted peace.
  • God concludes by telling Ezekiel to prophesy against sorceresses who use magical veils and arm bands to capture people's souls and do dark magic.
  • They've basically sold out their integrity and profaned God, making (false) life-and-death prophecies in exchange for lousy morsels of food.
  • God says he'll tear off the bands and veils that the sorceresses are using to hunt souls as though they were birds.
  • God will punish the sorceresses for protecting the wicked and injuring the good, and he'll save his people from their ways.

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