Chapter 14

  • Some elders of Israel come to consult with Ezekiel. He knows that they've been worshipping idols, so he asks God what to do. 
  • God basically tells Ezekiel to hush up: God's gonna handle this one personally. 
  • God swears to punish these idolaters by setting his face against them and cutting them off from the people as punishment for leading them astray. Any prophet who breaks this old-school omerta bargain has done so because God made him do it and is gonna be made into an example for anyone even vaguely considering switching teams. God's pretty clear that even seeming betrayal to him is part of his genius plan.
  • Without all these false prophets, Israel will be closer to being God's people again.

Not Even for Noah

  • God says that when people become faithless and do evil, he punishes them with famine. Even if Noah, Job, and Daniel lived in the land they'd only earn the salvation of their own lives. Everyone else would still be punished. 
  • This trio couldn't even save their own children. God would still send wild animals in to take over the land. 
  • In fact, God's sending a four-fold vengeance of war, famine, pestilence, and wild animals against his people. 
  • But the sons and daughters of the people who survive will turn out to be good (must've been all along, if God have them the okay to live through the turmoil) and will offer consolation to the people. In this way, God will demonstrate that there was some sort of greater point to all this violence and destruction, and reward righteous individuals.

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