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Book of Ezekiel Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

God's Takes Vengeances on all the "–ites" and "–ines"

  • Seriously, donkey pe—oh, never mind.
  • To punish the Ammonites for rejoicing over the destruction of Israel and the defilement of God's Temple, God's going to allow them to be conquered and devastated as well. 
  • The people of the east (Babylonians) will come in and plunder them, enjoying their fruit and fields, and turning their cities into pastureland. 
  • The Moabites are next in line for destruction: since they said that Judah is just like all other nations, they'll be punished by being conquered by the people of the east, too. 
  • After Moab, Edom's on the chopping block. The Edomites acted vengefully towards Judah. In return, Israel itself will eventually take revenge on Edom and make it desolate. 
  • Also, in return for their vengefulness, the Philistines and Cherethites and people of the seacoast will all be devastated by God's wrath.

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