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Book of Ezekiel Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Tyre Fire

  • Next on God's hit list is the city of Tyre, which also supposedly rejoiced at Jerusalem's defeat. 
  • The Babylonian armies will come like waves against it. The city will crumble and become a place where people fish with nets. 
  • Tyre will be plundered and its "daughter-towns" will be destroyed too. 
  • King Nebuchadrezzar (aka Nebuchadnezzar) is going to totally cream Tyre (which actually doesn't happen, as Ezekiel acknowledges later). 
  • He'll besiege them, hit their walls with battering rams, enter the city, loot their merchandise, smash their houses, and silence their music.

Coastal Panic (Which Is Not a New Indie Band)

  • The princes of the sea will all tremble when they see what's happened to Tyre, a great coastal city and port brought to ruins. 
  • The princes will sit on the ground, trembling and lamenting about how all the coastlands are scared now that Tyre has fallen. 
  • God will destroy the city, cover it with the waters of the sea, and force the people down into The Pit. (Though just for the record, God apparently changes his mind and lets Nebuchadnezzar ravage the Egyptians instead of destroying Tyre.)

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