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Book of Ezekiel Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

  • The hit list of countries continues. This time God orders Ezekiel to prophesy against Egypt and its pharaoh. 
  • God compares Pharaoh to a great dragon (like Leviathan or a crocodile) of the Nile, believing it created the river for itself.
  • God will put hooks in the pharaoh-dragon's jaws and drag him out of the river, with its fish (the inhabitants of Egypt, probably) sticking to its scales. 
  • Pharaoh and his army will die in the open field of battle and become food for animals and vultures as their bodies rot on the ground.
  • The Egyptians were bad allies to the House of Israel. Like a staff made out of reeds, they fell apart when Judah looked to them for support.

Egypt Gets Schooled

  • For this reason, God's going to make Egypt desolate. As punishment for Pharaoh thinking he's the creator and owner of the Nile, God's going to make Egypt desolate: no human or animal will pass through it for forty years. 
  • The people of Egypt will be scattered in other countries. 
  • At the end of that time, they'll be gathered back, but for now they'll be the lowliest kingdom and will never be allies to the House of Israel again.

Oh, and About that Whole Tyre Prediction Thing… Well…

  • Correcting his earlier Tyre prophecy, Ezekiel says that Nebuchadnezzar and his army tried hard in besieging Tyre, but didn't plunder it or get anything for all the work. 
  • So instead, God's giving him Egypt as payment for his labor. 
  • God's also going to cause a horn to sprout up in Israel, and people might finally listen to Ezekiel.

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