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Book of Ezekiel Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Like a Churro, Actually

  • Ezekiel eats the scroll God gives him and discovers that it's (surprisingly) sweet, like honey.
  • God says he's sending Ezekiel to a people whose language he understands (his own people), but even people who didn't know his language would be more likely to listen to him. He shouldn't expect much, in other words.
  • God's made Ezekiel's forehead really hard, to resist whatever insults or attacks the House of Israel might hurl at him. He tells Ezekiel to hear all the words God speaks to him and repeat them to his people.

"With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility"

  • As God concludes his message, the living creatures launch off with more loud noises and rumbling.
  • A spirit picks up the super shocked Ezekiel and carries him back to Earth. He then walks back to the exiles at Chebar, sitting in stunned silence for seven days.
  • At the end of the seven days, God tells Ezekiel that he'll be held responsible if God tells him to warn the wicked about their sins and he (Ezekiel) doesn't follow through. He'll be held accountable for the blood of anyone who turns to sin and dies because Ezekiel failed to warn them. 
  • But if Ezekiel does warn them, he won't be held accountable and his life will be spared.

Sorry, I've Been Tied Up

  • God leads Ezekiel out into the valley. His spirit enters Ezekiel making him fall down. But then it picks him back up. 
  • God says that Ezekiel will be shut in his home and tied up with cords so he can't go out. He'll be struck motionless and he'll also be unable to speak.
  • But when God wants him to go out and speak to the people, he'll be allowed to do it. 
  • Those who hear will hear and those who won't won't because of the House of Israel's rebelliousness.

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