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Book of Ezekiel Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

  • Next, God compares Pharaoh to a lofty cedar, the kind that grows in Lebanon. 
  • Nourished by fresh waters, it grows so that its top is in the clouds. Tons of birds build their nests in it, animals shelter and give birth under it, and trees grow around it.
  • No other tree in God's garden could rival it, says God himself.

This Tree Will Die Just Like all the Other Uncircumcised Trees

  • However, the tree grew too proud of its height, so God ordered Nebuchadnezzar to come and chop it down. The invaders left broken branches everywhere. 
  • The other nations stopped taking shelter under the tree, and wild animals and birds sat around on its fallen trunk.
  • No other trees (nations) will ever grow to this height. All are doomed to eventually die, being mortal.
  • On the day of its destruction, God holds back streams and covers deep springs with mourning (whatever that means).
  • God concludes by saying that other trees (nations) have fallen and withered away, going down into the underworld along with Egypt. Again, he says that Egypt was the best of all the trees in Eden, but it will die like the uncircumcised and go to the underworld with the other nations.

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