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Book of Ezekiel Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

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  • God continues his anti-Egyptian spiel. He tells Ezekiel to prophesy against Pharaoh, comparing him to a lion among the nations and a sea-monster rolling around and churning the water. 
  • With a throng of people, God will catch the Pharaoh in a net. 
  • He'll chuck the pharaoh-monster in an open field so birds and animals can eat it, and spread its blood and parts of its corpse over mountains and valleys.
  • God will darken the sun, moon, and stars over Egypt, covering it in darkness. 
  • The people of other nations and their kings will be horrified and tremble at what's happened to Pharaoh and his people. 
  • Yet again, God says he's sending the Babylonians to kill the Egyptians, and they'll kill all the cattle, too. 
  • God will make the streams flow slowly, drying them up and making Egypt desolate. 
  • Helpfully, God explains that the above is the lament people will chant for Egypt when it's destroyed.

Consoled by the Dead

  • God continues with the total destruction of Egypt theme. 
  • Here, he praises the destruction of the Egyptian army. 
  • Elam, Meshek, and Tubal are condemned for also being uncircumcised nations who spread terror throughout the world, but are now in the underworld. 
  • The princes of the north, Edom, and the Sidonians are also all in the underworld. And Pharaoh's going to meet the same fate.
  • Strangely, he'll be consoled when he sees all those who have gone down before him.
  • Misery loves company.

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