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Book of Ezekiel Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

Billy Bob Thornton Stars in "Bad Shepherd"

  • God tells Ezekiel to prophesy against the wicked shepherds (leaders) who've been misleading Israel. They're clothing themselves in the wool and eating the curds, but they won't care for the flock. 
  • They scattered the sheep and let them become food for wild animals. 
  • God's going to hold these shepherds accountable for all this death and destruction, since they failed to lead the flock and cared for themselves instead of their "sheep."

And Matt Damon in "The Good Shepherd"

  • God says he'll prevent the shepherds from guiding the sheep, and will remove them; he's taking over as the new shepherd.
  • He'll gather the sheep together from the places where they've been scattered. He'll take care of the weak and injured, and will lead them into good grazing land in Israel, where they'll lie down. But he'll punish the strong and the unjust. 
  • God says he'll judge between the rams and goats, separating the good and bad members of the flock. 
  • He asks them why they need to trample good pasture and muddy the water with their feet. 
  • He'll save the weak, lean sheep from the overfed aggressive sheep, and David will be himself the single shepherd and ruler over the peaceful remainder.
  • God will make the land really fruitful and nice, ridding it of savage animals. Everyone will return from exile and it'll all be just great, with the people finally obedient and down with God.

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