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Book of Ezekiel Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

A Casual Digression In Which God Promises the Destruction of Edom

  • If you thought God was done with excoriating the nations, you were wrong. He can't get enough of it.
  • Next, he turns his sights on Edom and Mt. Seir, saying that he's going to make them a desolate waste. 
  • Basically, this is because they weren't fans of Israel, rooting against them and applauding bloodshed. 
  • The mountains and valleys will be filled with the dead. 
  • For coveting Israel and Judah and hating their people, God's going to punish Edom super hard. 
  • Edom thought it would be able to rush in now that Israel's been devastated, but that won't happen. 
  • The rest of the world will be rejoicing when Edom is destroyed.

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