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Book of Ezekiel Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

Stay Strong, Mountains

  • Next God consoles the mountains of Israel. Yeah, other nations were thinking they could come in and take over those mountains, like Edom. But God's not gonna let that happen; he'll make sure that the mountains will stay in shape and will provide fruit for the people when they return. 
  • The towns will be repopulated, and the animals will come back too. 
  • God says that he'll never deprive the mountains of children and inhabitants again. 
  • They won't suffer the scorn of other people who claim that the land of Israel devours its children.

The Comeback King

  • The people defiled the land with uncleanness—like, God says, a menstrual period. 
  • So God destroyed the land as punishment for idol worship and the other usual culprits.
  • God says he isn't going to let them return for their sake, but for the sake of his own name. He's got a reputation to uphold. 
  • God will cleanse the people with water sprinkled on them, give them a new heart and a new spirit to replace the old, and put his spirit in them to make sure they follow his laws. 
  • He won't let the people starve and will make sure their land and fruit flourishes.
  • The land, which had been laid waste like Eden after the fall, will be restored, and the people will return to rebuild their cities.
  • All the other nations will see God's power through this amazing comeback.

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