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Book of Ezekiel Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

God vs. Gog

  • God orders Ezekiel to prophesy against some fearsome ruler named Gog, who rules over the mysterious land of Magog and is chief prince of Meshech and Tubal.
  • When Gog goes on the march with a massive army, God's going to put a hook in his mouth and lead the whole army back where it came from.
  • That includes all the armies that will side with Gog, including Persia, Ethiopia, Put, Gomer, and people from the distant north.
  • God predicts that, in future years, Gog will lead armies against the restored nation of Israel. 
  • Gog's armies will come like a storm or a cloud covering the land, after Gog is evilly inspired to invade and plunder the defenseless towns in the land—provoking other nations like Sheba, Dedan, and Tarshish (in addition to Israel).
  • God will bring Gog out of the far north to invade Israel, but only in order to demonstrate his power and holiness against Gog. 
  • Shmoop recommends that Gog be the name of the next arch-villain in "The Avengers" sequel.
  • When Gog invades, he'll encounter the wrath of God in full force.
  • The birds, fish, and animals will all tremble and quake at the vengeful presence of God.
  • All the humans will be afraid too, as cliffs and walls and mountains tumble down. 
  • Everyone's swords will be against Gog, and God will send down pestilence, torrential rain, fire, and sulfur.
  • All the nations will see God's holiness and greatness.

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