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Book of Ezekiel Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

God vs. Gog: Game, Set, and Match

  • God picks up where he left off about Gog. 
  • He's going to lead Gog into invading Israel, and then destroy Gog and make his armies food for birds. 
  • God's going to send fire against Gog, and also against the people who live in the coastlands. 
  • He'll make sure Israel reveres his holy name and that it isn't profaned anymore. All the nations will know that he's God. 
  • The people of Israel will make fires from the dropped weapons of Gog's armies for seven years. They won't need to cut down trees, even. They'll just plunder the people who tried to plunder them.

Gog's Funeral

  • Gog and his horde will be buried in a place called the Valley of Travelers in Israel, which will be aptly renamed "The Horde of Gog." 
  • It'll take the House of Israel seven months to bury all the corpses from the invading armies. Whenever they locate a dead guy's bone, they'll mark it for pick-up and burial.
  • God instructs Ezekiel to call all the wild animals and birds to come and have a great feast: devouring the dead bodies of the invaders.
  • They'll gorge themselves on fat and get drunk on blood. 
  • This is how God will display his power and glory to the nations of the world. 
  • Carrion birds seem to be doing pretty well in the Book of Ezekiel.

All Better Now

  • The chapter ends with God promising again to restore Israel and Judah. 
  • God hid his face from them and let them get attacked and sent into captivity for a while.
  • But now, he's ready to restore them. They'll forget their shame and treachery, and God won't leave anyone behind. 
  • He'll pour out his spirit on them, and they'll know that he's God.

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