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Book of Ezekiel Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

MTV Presents: God's Crib

  • They continue with the Temple descriptions (and get another Red Bull because this isn't even close to ending). 
  • The bronze guy shows Ezekiel the Temple nave, more pilasters (which are like fake pillars built into a wall, for the record), the inner room, and its sidewalls. This inner room is the most holy place, says the bronze guy.
  • Then it's on to the walls of the Temple, the sidechambers, offsets and supports and foundations of the sidechambers, a passageway, and a stairway around the Temple. Bronze dude gives out measurements galore, and notes that the Temple gets wider as it goes up each story. 
  • There's a raised platform all around the Temple.
  • The building facing the Temple yard and its wall is measured out as well.

God's Crib Continued

  • From there, it's on to the measurements of the depth of the Temple, its yard, the east Temple front, and galleries.
  • Oh, and let's not forget that the nave, the inner room, and the outer vestibule are paneled and have windows with recessed frames.
  • The Temple itself is paneled with wood and it uses a pattern with a palm tree between two cherubs. Each cherub has two faces, one of a human and one of a young lion. This is carved on the whole Temple, from the wall to the floor to above the door.
  • Next, he describes the doorposts of the nave, the wood altar in front of the holy place, and the double door for the nave and the holy place, applying the same cherub-and-palm tree design on them.
  • Then he describes the canopy of wood in front of the vestibule outside, and the recessed windows and palm trees on the sidewalls of the vestibule.

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