Chapter 42

Bronze Guy Leads the Tour Onwards

  • Continuing with this extended, divinely-guided episode of "Extreme Makeover," Bronze Guy takes Ezekiel back to the outer court, opposite the building on the north—for which he gives measurements (of course). 
  • There are also, facing the pavement of the outer court, three stories of chambers with galleries.
  • In front of the chambers there's a passage on the inner side, and entrances on the north. The upper chambers are narrower than lower and middle chambers, since the galleries take up more space on the top.
  • There's a passage at the foot of these chambers, allowing you enter them from the east from the outer court. 
  • There are more chambers on the south, similar to the chambers in the north just described. 
  • Both of these sets of chambers in the north and the south are holy chambers where the people will deposit their grain offerings, sin offerings, and guilt offerings. 
  • The priests will leave their holy vestments in these chambers before they go out to the public area to speak to people, in which case they'll wear different garments. 
  • Taking a cue from Van Halen, the priests will insist that brown M&Ms are forbidden in their dressing rooms.
  • After measuring the interior of the Temple area, Bronze Guy shows Ezekiel the Temple area all around, giving measurements for it, as well as for the wall separating the holy from the common areas.

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