Chapter 46

Open Saturdays Only, Dawn To Dusk

  • God lays down more Temples rules: the inner court gate will remain closed during the work-week, but will be opened on Sabbath and new moon.
  • The priest will make burnt offerings in the gate when it's open, and the gate won't be closed until evening. The people will bow down at that gate on Sabbaths and new moons.
  • God then specifies more grain and animal offerings for the new moon, giving measurements for the grain.
  • The prince will come in and exit by the vestibule of the gate when making these offerings.
  • There are more rules about what gates people need to enter, what to offer during festivals and for when the prince wants to make a free-will offering. 
  • God also talks about how the prince should give out inheritance to his sons. If the prince grants inheritance money to a servant (slave), it will only be his until he gains his freedom. Then it becomes the prince's property again.
  • Also, the prince isn't allowed to strip any of the people of their inheritance. 
  • At the far western end of the northern row of holy chambers is the place where the priests will boil the guilt offering and the sin offering and bake the grain offering. 
  • Additionally, God shows Ezekiel the four small courts in the outer court where they will boil the sacrifices of the people on built-in hearths. 
  • God tells Ezekiel that this is where he'll be filming the next episode of "Iron Chef."

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