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Book of Ezekiel Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

The Dead Sea Comes Back to Life

  • God and the Bronze Guy show Ezekiel water flowing from the threshold of the Temple towards the east. 
  • They walk in the water, and Bronze Guy measures how far out they are with his cord, as the water gets deeper and deeper. 
  • It finally gets deep enough and big enough to swim in—a river that can't be crossed. 
  • He sees that the river flows out, lined with many trees, and down into the Dead Sea, which it turns to fresh water, making it come alive. It will be full of fish and people will actually come to drop nets there. 
  • The sides of the river will be full of fruit trees and trees with healing leaves.

Immigration Reform

  • After this vision, God talks about how the different tribes of Israel will divide the land. The tribe of Joseph will get two portions (twice as much as the other tribes). 
  • God specifies the boundaries of the new kingdom all the way from north of Damascus down to the Wadi of Egypt and the Great Sea, and from along the Jordan as far as Tamar in the east and back to the Great Sea in the west. 
  • The people will inherit land based on their membership in the twelve tribes.
  • The aliens inherit land based on what tribe they're living with, and they're to be treated as citizens of Israel.

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