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Book of Ezekiel Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

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  • God tells Ezekiel to prophesy against the mountains of Israel.
  • God will destroy all the high places in the mountains, littering the altars of other deities with the corpses and scattered bones of the people who worshipped them.
  • The people who are spared will remember how hurt and angry God was about his betrayal. They'll feel ashamed and loathsome in their own eyes. 
  • Famine, pestilence, and warfare will wipe out a huge number of people.
  • God will demonstrate his existence by making sure that the Judeans who worshipped foreign gods will have their rotting corpses lying in front of the idols they once worshipped on the high places.
  • God will destroy all the settlements from the wilderness to Riblah, further letting everyone see that he exists.

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