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Book of Ezekiel Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

  • In this chapter, God—using Ezekiel as a mouthpiece—continues to predict death, doom, destruction, catastrophe. The whole enchilada. 
  • He'll punish the people for their abominations and won't have any pity.
  • Disaster will come after disaster. 
  • Since their pride has become so great and led to violence, there's no way to put an end through it except with God's humiliating vengeance and wrath. 
  • Their abundance and wealth will all disappear. Buyers and sellers will both mourn, and the sellers won't get back what they've sold.

Doom, Gloom, and More Doom

  • The people are prepared for battle but won't be able to fight, since God's wrath is on them.
  • Destruction by the sword is outside the city, and pestilence and famine are inside.
  • The survivors will be left in the mountains, like doves fleeing their valley.
  • They'll grow weak in the knees and don sackcloth in repentance and shame. 
  • Their wealth, which they used to create their idols, won't be of any use to them and they'll be forced to throw it away. 
  • The invading Babylonians will seize that wealth and take it for booty. 
  • God will turn away his face, so that the invaders can plunder and defile his own Temple. 
  • The arrogant will find no peace and disaster will follow on disaster. The priests and prophets will be useless to the people.
  • The people will know that God is God when he judges them all harshly, so that even the king and the prince are in mourning and despair.

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