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Book of Ezekiel Betrayal

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In Ezekiel, the House of Israel betrays God by (metaphorically) cheating on him with other gods: Egyptian gods, Assyrian gods, Babylonian gods… pretty much whoever's around. But while the House of Israel and its people—prophets, royal officials, priests, and everybody else—seem to be the experts at the betrayal game, others seem to be pretty good at it too. The King of Tyre , for example. As a result, God pours out triple-doses of wrath on everybody.

What really is betrayal in God's eyes, according to Ezekiel? Basically, it's not keeping your attention on what's really important and letting it stray off in a thousand selfish directions. In this case, Ezekiel considers God himself to be what's really important.

Questions About Betrayal

  1. Why are the people in Ezekiel so eager to betray God? Why is it so tempting or so easy?
  2. Who seems to commit the worst betrayal? 
  3. Why exactly is idolatry considered to be so overwhelmingly bad?
  4. Does God betray his people at all?

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