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Book of Ezekiel Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

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Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

Ezekiel's God has big plans for Israel's future—well, fairly big plans. They're not quite the visions of cosmic peace that Isaiah has, but they're still pretty good. Ezekiel envisions a time where a stream of freshening water from under the Temple will bring the Dead Sea to life symbolizing the restoration of the people who re-commit themselves to God. He also sees prosperity and plenty, in addition to having David (or one of his righteous descendants) as a king again.

He also envisions a valley full of "dry bones" where the dead return to life. This may be a political metaphor for the return of the House of Israel to vitality, but it has greater meaning. It foreshadows the idea of a real resurrection of the dead, which will play such a crucial role in Judaism and Christianity.

Questions About Dreams, Hopes, and Plans

  1. Does Ezekiel's ideal future involve anything more than obedience to God's law? Will people be happy in this world? 
  2. Do people seem to be immortal in this future time or is it just a really good earthly life?
  3. Why is the reconstruction of the Temple so important? Why does God want to be worshipped at this one location, specifically?
  4. Does Ezekiel hint at the resurrection of the dead—or is the "Valley of Dry Bones" vision purely about Israel's political restoration?

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