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Book of Ezekiel Power

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In Ezekiel, human power's no match for divine power, which totally crushes it. All the human rulers, from the Kings of Judah to the King of Tyre to the Pharaoh of Egypt have to deal with God's wrath. It seems that Biblical kings who keep faith in God's power still manage to keep their own. Unfortunately, none of those guys show up in the book of Ezekiel. God is able to demonstrate how powerless kings and princes really are, so it's pointless for Israel to look to them for their help.

Questions About Power

  1. How do the kings of Judah abuse their power? How are they failing to apply it correctly?
  2. What went wrong with the King of Tyre? 
  3. How about Ezekiel? To what extent is he powerful or powerless?
  4. What does the defeat of Gog by God say about human power?

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