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Book of Job Loyalty to God

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Loyalty to God

Remember how Job renounced God and became an atheist when his entire family died? No? Oh yeah, that's because that's not how it goes down in the Book of Job. Granted, after making it through Round 1 pretty successfully, he does get a little feisty when God gives him that nasty rash. Of course, by the end, Job is back in business as a loyal God-follower. But here's a question for you: is God loyal to Job? That's right, God; we're turning the question on you.

Questions About Loyalty to God

  1. How do the different humans think Job should act when misfortune befalls them? Do they all agree in regards to maintaining loyalty to God?
  2. In the Book of Job, is it okay to think bad things against God as long as you don't say them out loud? How do you know?
  3. What role does repentance have in the text? That is, does Job need to apologize for questioning God?
  4. When Job proves his loyalty after Round 1: Tragic Mass Death, why does God agree to let Satan try again?

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