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Book of Job Questioning and Doubting God

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Questioning and Doubting God

Usually when someone makes rules, it isn't in the rulebook to question those rules. Too bad, says the Book of Job. Job isn't denying that the rules exist, but he's challenging their application, meanwhile taking a big step philosophically for Israelite thought. So as Job doubts God, the writers of the story are beginning to doubt tradition.

Questions About Questioning and Doubting God

  1. Who truly doubts God in the text? Job? His friends? Elihu? Think about the differences and complexities of each figure's trust in God.
  2. What role does Elihu play in terms of doubt?
  3. Can we undermine tradition by thinking critically about it? Is Job undermining his own faith?
  4. What is the source of Job's doubt? Was his doubt around before his suffering, or is it a direct result of all this awfulness?

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