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Book of Joshua Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

  • Joshua calls together all the tribes of Israel to Shechem.
  • In true old man style, Joshua recounts the stories found in the books of Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, and of course, the conquest of Canaan.
  • Joshua is trying to get the Israelites to understand the greatness they have been a part of all thanks to the favor of God (1-13).
  • Joshua tells the people not to serve other gods, specifically the gods beyond the Euphrates that Abraham's father served, the gods of Egypt, and the gods of the Amorites. The people promise that they will not serve other gods. They recount the things that God has done for them (14-18).
  • Joshua tells the Israelites that they will fail in their endeavor to only worship God (19-20).
  • Thanks for the vote of confidence, Josh.
  • The Israelites again promise that they will serve God. Joshua says that it's up to them to follow the covenant written in the Law (21-26).
  • Joshua uses a stone to serve as a witness against Israel.
  • Landmarks that serve as witnesses of God's greatness or covenants appear throughout the book. We have already seen stones at the Jordan River (chapter 4) and the altar built by the tribes (chapter 22) on the other side of the Jordan. For more, check out the section on monuments and altars in the "Analysis" section of this learning guide.
  • Joshua sends the people away. Then he dies and is buried at the ripe old age of 110. What a beast. (29-31)
  • At the end of Genesis, Joseph commanded the Israelites to return his bones to the Promised Land. While the Israelites were making their exodus out of Egypt, they made sure to take Joseph's bones with them so he could be buried in the land of his ancestors (32). Joseph's are buried in Shechem.
  • The Book of Joshua ends with the death of Eleazar the priest and son of Aaron. Though an odd way to end the book, this death is a symbolic close to the story of Moses and Aaron. As the dynamic duo of Moses and Aaron have passed, so too has the next generation tag team of Joshua and Eleazar (33).

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