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Book of Joshua Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

The Walls Come Tumblin' Down

  • Jericho is in lock down for fear of the Israelites—no one gets in and no one gets outs.
  • God gives Joshua very specific instructions. The Israelite warriors must march around Jericho for six days with seven priests carrying trumpets made from rams's horns.
  • On the seventh day, the warriors should march seven times around the city blowing on the trumpets. When they make a long blast, then all the people should shout and the walls of the city will fall so Israel can charge forward (3-5).
  • Joshua gives these orders to the Israelites, making explicit instructions to make no sound for six days. In case you were wondering, we'd totally fail this assignment.
  • The Israelites do as God commands and march around Jericho for six days.
  • How tired were their legs? Super tired. But when God says march, you march.
  • On the seventh day before the siege, Joshua gives a rousing speech that is totally reminiscent of Aragorn's speech in Return of the King even though Tolkien wasn't even a glimmer in his mother's eye at this point.
  • Joshua tells the Israelites that they cannot harm Rahab or her family.
  • The Israelites must practice herem, meaning that they must destroy everything as a sacrifice to God and keep nothing for themselves… unless, of course, they want to bring destruction to their nation. Which they probably don't.
  • At Joshua's command, the Israelites let their voices ring and the walls of Jericho come tumbling down.
  • Once the walls are down, the Israelites charge and completely destroy Jericho.
  • Then the Israelites make good with Rahab and bring her and her family out so they can be free among the Israelites.
  • Joshua then curses the land (as one does) to make sure no one can build there again. All in a day's work.

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