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Book of Joshua Community

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No, we're not talking about the television show. Community is essential to the Israelite way of life. With all those years of toiling in Egypt, then wandering in the desert, the Israelites are a fiercely independent community, one that survives on each other and God above all. Without the support of the Israelite "family," the whole culture falls apart. In a lot of ways, the Israelite model is a good oneā€”support the ones closest to you, whether they're blood related or not. Regardless of their tie to you, it's everyone's mutual responsibility to care for one another, because that's how families survive.

Questions About Community

  1. In the Book of Joshua, how are the people of Israel united? How are they divided?
  2. Is communication an essential part of being in a community? How do the Israelites effectively communicate with themselves and God?
  3. What are some moments in history when people united for a common cause? Can you think of any similar to the Israelites?
  4. What communities do you belong to? Do you feel like you really belong to one in particular? What makes you feel this way?

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