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Book of Joshua Courage

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We don't know about you, but we're still scared of the dark. And strange noises. And going outside alone at night. Okay, so we're probably not the ideal help in a dark alley. But do you know who is? Joshua. (You saw that answer coming, right?) Dude's super courageous. He's not the only one in the Book of Joshua who brings the courage, though. All of Israel hinges on the Israelites's courage to do God's work. Can they do it? Well... yes. And no. The Israelites are a complicated people.

Questions About Courage

  1. What role does courage play in everyday life, whether it's playing a sport, going on stage, or sometimes something as simple as getting out of bed?
  2. What is it about Israel that its enemies are afraid of? Do these fears change over time?
  3. Are there any historical events where courage changed the outcome?
  4. At what points did the Israelites need an injection of courage? How did they get it?

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